The History of the Wave of Love

The Wave of Love concept

The wave of love is a message of universal love: to connect, to gather together in order to transmit, to give and to share all together. Wavy and colourful, these bracelets represent the ups and downs of life. Thus, it is through them that we vowed to bring a growing wave of love into the world. Symbolically, all you have to do is make a wish for yourself, one for the person placing the bracelet and another for the planet.

Gather, each, around 3 knots, 3 wishes, cut and burn the additions to seal the wishes. Now it's up to you to immortalize this moment... So that you can help expand this surge of love. A wave of love is also a gift for those in need... So let the wave grow to become an ocean of love.

Un bracelet solidaire et d'amour

Have you ever been faced with a dilemma when giving a gift? "Is it too much or too little? "How will my gift be interpreted? "Will it please? ». The pleasure of giving can give way to a puzzle. We are the generation that possesses everything, materially speaking. To mark the occasion is to be out of the ordinary. What is priceless? What is the primary function of the gift? It's a token of affection. The gift is purely altruistic, carried by a surge of love. It is this wave of kindness that we wish to spread.

Bracelets and Love - Wave of Love

Louis-Philippe VALLES

format_quote By founding the Wave of Love, I wanted to create a real surge of generosity: it is materialized by bracelets in the shape of waves and pretty t-shirts that help finance associations and transmit a message of love. format_quote

Founder of the Wave of Love

A true love story

Founded in 2017 by Louis-Philippe Vallès, the Wave of Love has risen to carry a universal message around the world. To make a highly symbolic gesture, charged with benevolent intent, isn't that a form of absolute love? Our wave-shaped bracelet is a pretext for an almost spiritual ritual: "I offer you this fetish that we attach to two. You and I tie three knots for three wishes, whose resonance surpasses us. Together, we make one wish for you, another for me and a third for the planet. The power of intention creates a positive vibration, along with a moving memory, in perfect harmony.

The Wave of Love is also the gift

Un bracelet qui réalise des rêves. Pour chaque achat, une partie de la somme est reversée à diverses associations telles que Petit Cœur de beurre, Yiri, etc. Être Amour, c’est l’être pour soi, pour l’autre et pour tout ce qui vit.

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